The House. The old salting factory,
the silence, the cedar, the smell of cedar,
the port, the sea, the garden, the stone,
the love for the details, the history of a place,
the soul of Aldán, your house.

Ardora Apartments. The Aldán estuary,
the village, the peace, the views, the architecture,
the sunset, the cedar and the sea,
the elegance of the bare essentials,
the beauty of simplicity.

O Con Restaurant. The sea, the land,
the orchards, the wine, our cuisine,
our flavour, the warmth, the terrace over
the water, the sunsets, the spirit of Galicia,
the product of Aldán, the flavour of Aldán.

The Surroundings. The sea, the tide,
the mountains, the greens, the blues,
the skies, the stars, the air, the promenade,
the harbour, the beaches, the people,
the sunsets...

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Events. A business meeting, a birthday, a celebration, a unique moment, an important day, a very special place.
Maximum capacity: 55 people.
Dates: from September 15
to May 31.
Contact us to find out more about events at A Casa de Aldán S.L.:
+34 986 32 87 32
Eventos A Casa de Aldán